Mother’s Day Episode

It takes a village to raise strong daughters and it takes especially strong ones to raise divas. We’re dedicating an entire episode to the village matriarchs that raised us, our mothers!

Laugh (and cry) along with us as we interview Diane Walters (Megan’s mom) and Anne Pinkerton (Xela’s mom). These women shaped us into the creative minds that we are today and put up with our Shenanigans. Listen in as we dive into embarrassing stories about what we were like as kids, our audition journeys, and how opera came into our lives.

Grab a glass of wine (or two- no judgement) and join us as we give a toast to all mothers today.  We love you!

( 0:41 ): Alright, we are back for another episode of XM Divas. We are joined today with our
mothers for Mother’s Day.
( 2:15 ): Megan asks her mom: What was it like attending elementary school performances?
( 4:11 ): Xela asks her mom: Do you have any similar experiences?
( 5:30 ): Xela asks her mom: Was there anything special about me?
( 7:35 ): Megan asks her mom: Did I ever make your nervous when I’d sing?
( 10:10 ): Xela asks Megan: When did you start taking voice lessons?
( 12:12 ): Megan asks her mom: Let’s talk about stage moms.
( 17:20 ): Xela asks her mom: Explain how I was born early.
(19:41) Megan asks her mom: When do you decide that this talent can be used professionally or it’s just a hobby?
(25:42) Megan asks Xela: What was the best pop up performance we’ve done?

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